7 reasons why eLearning can make you a better negotiator

Yes, you can learn negotiation techniques online. It is not an “inferior” approach to instructor-led classroom role-play-based teaching. E-learning is simply a different learning mode that fits with the way the modern professional wants to learn.

1. It’s global: E-learning breaks physical barrier limitations. With internet access negotiators from any part of the world can access content 24/7/365 on desktop, laptop or tablet.

2. Learn at your own pace: With internet access learning is provided on demand. Got a negotiation coming up and need to prepare and plan? Need to decide on the negotiation strategy? E-learning is there to help just when you need it.

3. It’s interactive: The best way to “sense-check” your negotiation strategy or determine if “I have been doing it the right way all these years?” is to self-evaluate using e-learning’s scenarios, checkpoints and quizzes based on real-life scenarios.

4. Use and learn at the same time: Negotiation e-learning is packed with templates that can be used to model the learner’s own negotiation strategy. By completing the templates the learning and negotiation execution happen at the same time.

5. It’s inclusive: Negotiation e-learning focuses not only on the buyer’s role and negotiation tactics but on those of stakeholders and suppliers too. E-learning takes into account all parties’ perspectives and counter-tactics.

6. Leaves no stone unturned: Negotiation e-learning reminds us that no single tactic or personal negotiating style makes for an effective negotiation. Each negotiation must be tailored and adapted to secure an effective agreement.

7. It’s flexible: Negotiation e-learning can be used standalone or blended with other learning modes such as pre and post online negotiation skills assessment, instructor-led negotiation simulation and online coaching.