Using online assessment, e-learning, m-learning, online webinars, e-tutorials, classroom workshops, simulation events and online coaching solutions ADR will build an academy to develop procurement capability in your organization.
Skills Assessment

ADR DNA® online skills assessment tool provides the vital first step in any purchasing skills development program. Using ADR DNA® to identify where the skills gaps are, it is much simpler task to develop a demand-led approach to the provision of training that fits exactly with the needs of the individual and your organization.


With your skills assessment complete, your learning pathway can be designed. As well as OPRA, our e-learning platform, ADR deliver training through a number of alternative modes including instructor-led classroom workshops, instructor-led simulation events, instructor-led online webinars and online coaching.  Each learning programme is blended and tailored to the needs of your team.

Coaching and Mentoring

To embed the new learning into your organisation, ADR can provide one-to-one online coaching support, ideally completed in a ‘live’ work environment on real-world projects. ADR adopt a facilitative coaching approach, rather than a ‘telling’ or directive style, that generates measurable learning and performance outcomes.


OPRA is an e-learning platform designed for the modern procurement professional. By 2025, over 75% of the workforce will be Millennials or Generation Z whose preferred mode of learning is online learning.

Instructor Led Courses

ADR provides a wide range of instructor-led (IL) classroom and webinar training courses for the procurement professional. Click the link below to view the available course titles.

Case Studies

Case Study

Supplier relationship management training and workshops.

Case Study

Distance Learning

Case Study

Supplier relationship management training and workshops.

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