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ADR International have joined forces in a partnership with United World Schools (UWS) to support the employment and continual training of community teachers.  Every purchase your organisation makes for OPRA eLearning now contributes towards UWS’s valuable work.

Student learning outcomes are heavily reliant on effective and relevant teaching. To achieve this, UWS recruit, train and develop teachers from within local communities to work alongside government teachers. This provides new job opportunities and ensures that the education they provide is relevant to local contexts. Training local community members to teach at the school helps to ensure that education is locally contextualized and anchored, offering an inclusive education to all children.

Robin Jackson, ADR CEO “Education is one of the most powerful and proven methods for breaking the poverty cycle and empowering communities for generations. Yet one in six children globally are not in education.  ADR are very pleased to be actively involved as a corporate partner of UWS in support of their valuable work.  With every sale of OPRA we will make a further donation to UWS; thereby our clients too are supporting the education of children all over the world and helping to shape their futures.”

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As well as OPRA, our e-learning platform, ADR deliver procurement training through a number of alternative modes including instructor-led classroom workshops, instructor-led simulation events, instructor-led online webinars, e-tutorials and online coaching.  Whether you wish to adopt a more strategic procurement approach, strengthen value from supplier relationships or improve negotiation outcomes, each learning programme is blended and tailored to meet the needs of your team.

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More about United World Schools

United World Schools is an international education charity transforming lives in the world’s poorest communities by providing access to education for the first time.  Over the last 12 years, UWS has built 250 schools, trained 1,200 teachers and reached over 43,000 children in Cambodia, Nepal and Myanmar with a life-changing education. They are empowering children to reach their full potential and build a better life for their families.

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