Procurement learning in 2025

80% of many Procurement teams will be either Millennial or Generation Z by 2025

The existing competency gap is at risk of widening. A diminishing group of experienced professionals may fail to pass on skills and knowledge to early-career colleagues, due to their high work burden. The new dynamic has implications for CPOs in terms of how they develop their teams to deliver greater value to the organization.


  • Expert Procurement professionals are considered “too experienced” for training
  • Many Procurement professionals are “too busy to learn”
  • 70:20:10 is a “training” formula. Training commitment is monitored through Learning Management Systems


  • 70:20:10 will be a workplace model for everyone. Learning is perpetual, not allocated to “training time”
  • The 70, the 20 and the 10 are integrated through:
  • Self directed formal learning (10%)
  • Planned and work specific informal learning through discussion and sharing (20%)
  • Evidenced application of learning with line manager support (70%)


Those organizations that make a commitment to learning are attractive to professionals that drive the most positive change.

Self-directed learning sticks. Procurement professionals need a wider range of options to choose from.

eLearning is 50% faster and 40% cheaper than classroom formal learning modes. Pfizer, Micron and adidas are a few of the organizations that have benefited from ADR’s eLearning.