Supply Chain Executives must control cost and drive value

Around a fifth (17%) of 199 CEOs recently surveyed by Gartner said they want their CSCO (Chief Supply Chain Officers) to gain greater control over spend and cost saving, while 16% believe they should dedicate their efforts towards supply chain resiliency – both in response to the impact of the pandemic.

The supply chain intensive industries were surveyed between July and December 2020 and found that the pandemic has shifted the focus away from undefined innovation projects towards concrete goals to bring resilience and control to their value chain.

Global Procurement and Supply Chain teams are diverse, with varied experience and knowledge.  This represents a challenge in building consistency not only ensuring the basics are in place but the approach is consistent to optimise cost reduction and drive value from ongoing supplier relationships.

There can sometimes be a disconnect between training material provided from Learning and Development across the organisation, and the specific demands of the sourcing, supply chain role.  A starting point is a competency framework – to define the skills and competencies required for each role within procurement or supply chain management across the organisation.  It is far more consistent for individuals to then be assessed in line with the skills and competencies required.  These results should provide a clear indication of where any gaps exist across the team and provide  clear individual learning journey’s required.

eLearning is a swift option to then fill the skills gaps providing a consistent approach, language and methodology across the team.  With a more tailored procurement training approach, rather than “one size fits all”, the requirements of the CSCO, individual’s development needs and the CEO’s business drivers are easier to meet, manage and maintain.


Gartner clients can read the full report here