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Preparation for Accreditation

Blended Training Program

A global FMCG company approached ADR to equip their procurement professionals with the knowledge to successfully complete Institute of Supply Management (ISM) exams for CPSM accreditation and the skills to achieve more powerful results from supplier negotiations. The English language training needed to embrace a wide range of capability and locations. Learners spanned Russia, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Egypt, Morocco and Algeria and spoke multiple languages, with English as a second language.

ADR designed a program that included eLearning to quickly establish a common baseline of understanding of category management. Classroom training followed, with courses in strategic sourcing, supplier relationship management, leadership and operations management. Distance learning was included to accommodate individuals and small teams based outside of the main procurement hub.

The face to face classroom courses addressed the extensive CPSM curriculum in a dynamic way. Role play, games, simulations, videos, behaviour assessments, tools, techniques, case studies and category specific workshops made the learning highly interactive and relevant to real life work. The courses were attended by cohorts comprising a range of roles including new joiners and procurement management. Mixed capability teams were a benefit of the program because experienced category team leaders could both coach juniors and also receive challenge on their strategy from professionals who recently joined procurement from other business functions.

Distance learning for participants from multiple countries further enhanced the learning experience with innovative virtual classroom functions. For example, online breakout rooms were established to facilitate local language discussion for some exercises. Participants also used online whiteboards to capture and compare group exercise feedback. Finally, a text chat function enabled simultaneous teaching and participant feedback. This meant that category teams based in different countries could collaborate about application of the learning while the tutor expanded on the concepts. This approach sparked discussion between procurement professionals who did not typically work together, stimulating fresh ideas. This expanded learning experience resulted in the program’s distance learning element receiving the highest feedback compared to the face to face and eLearning components.

The program will continue in 2016. Some participants have already commenced the exam process and passed the first CPSM exam. The learning has helped to reinforce key procurement skills and extended personal networks.

“It is of real value when it comes to buying practices”

“Activity and discussion really brought the concepts to life”

“Insightful and interactive”


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To solve this problem, ADR have created OPRA, our Online Procurement Academy that offers deep-content, interactive e-learning modules for procurement negotiation.


Our learning advisory services draw upon our extensive procurement consultancy experience and knowledge to create a tailored training solution for your organisation.