Our learning advisory services draw upon our extensive procurement consultancy experience and knowledge to create a tailored training solution for your organisation.
Current State Analysis (CSA)

By conducting a detailed review of the current state of your procurement training we are able to identify what needs to be done to close the gap between where you are and best-in-class desired future state. With this capability gap identified we can tailor a bespoke solution guaranteed to work for your organisation.

Structured Approach

ADR’s CSA approach is built around the 6 key enablers of procurement best-in-class training.  CSA findings are presented in a report with easy to understand graphics identifying the performance gap between the “as is” procurement training capability and the desired “to be” procurement training capability.

Long term impact

ADR will support you in making the necessary changes that will transition your learning organization and processes to the desired future state.   ADR will design and delivery a new training programme that supports your procurement strategy, meets your culture needs, engages the entire procurement organization and delivers improved performance – all at the lowest possible cost.

CPO Advisory

ADR helps CPO’s (Chief Procurement Officers) change the way of businesses buying products and services. ADR adopts a holistic transformation approach that is built around the key enablers of procurement best-in-class. ADR will support CPO’s throughout the transformation journey by enabling change and cultural fit as well as embedding sustainable improvements and advanced capabilities.

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Case Studies

Case Study

Supplier relationship management training and workshops.

Case Study

Distance Learning

Case Study

Supplier relationship management training and workshops.

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