Procurement training – Are you preparing for the “New Normal”?

Covid-19 has radically altered working life – maybe forever – and procurement training is no exception.  Driven by the pandemic over the past weeks e-learning and instructor-led webinars have become a growing popular and viable alternative to more traditional classroom training.  More than that, there is a general acceptance, indeed a desire, to continue with online learning as we gradually move out of lockdown.  Clearly online learning is becoming the “new normal”.

Why is that?  First and foremost is that it works!  With new and advancing technology such as 5G there are few barriers and for the new generations in the workforce it fits in perfectly with their mobile lifestyle.

Online learning also completely eliminates the travel and subsistence expenses associated with traditional classroom training.  These costs can be as much as 50% of traditional training costs.  Costs aside online learning also burnishes your organization’s sustainability drive.  Online learning is environment friendly. research statistics state that e-learning requires 90% less energy and CO2 emissions per student are reduced by 85% when compared with traditional classroom training.

When you take into account these and other benefits of online learning, it makes good sense to use it whenever possible.  Now is the time to review your existing procurement training program to see whether it’s fit for the post pandemic future.