e-learning or m-learning, what’s the difference?

If you’re confused by the new terminology in procurement training – don’t worry you are not alone!

The terms e-learning and m-learning are often used interchangeably but in reality, they are two very different modes of  learning.

The “e” in e-learning stands for “electronic.” In other words, e-learning is learning that is delivered using electronic devices – think desktop or laptop. Whereas, the “m” in m-learning stands for “mobile.” So, m-learning is knowledge that is delivered using in-your-pocket or hand-held portable devices.

E-learning is the appropriate format for learning that’s structured, formal, highly interactive and in-depth where the learner is not as constrained by time.  For example, if you want to teach someone how to use a strategic sourcing process, choose e-Learning.

M-learning is for when your learner needs quick on-the-go easily accessible information in bite size pieces. Imagine, you have 2 minutes before a hugely important supplier negotiation, you wish you could quickly access a refresh to focus your mind on how to use a specific negotiation tactic? Choose m-learning! Powerful, targeted topics, delivered immediately straight to your mobile.

For m-learning the keywords are: on demand, on-the-go and just-in-time, with the learner experience being intuitive and fast.

For e-learning the keywords are: comprehensive, detailed and interactive, with the learner experience being complex and thorough.  Staged progress with knowledge confirmation via quiz’s and interaction – the classroom delivered to your desktop.

E -learning and m-learning are not competing against each other, both should feature in a blended learning program where m-Learning would supplement the knowledge gained from e-learning courses.  They both deliver the value of knowledge.

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