Practice makes perfect

You don’t have to let people buy without learning the ropes first

You wouldn’t dream of flying with a pilot who had just learned the theory but had never flown.  Sensibly pilots have to combine theory and practice before taking off.  So why not adopt a similar approach with buyers too?

Now you can.  Simulation training is an immersive, competitive ‘virtual’ game facilitated by an experienced tutor that creates a realistic ‘real-life’ learning experience in a controlled environment.  The big advantage is that if there are any wrong moves, there will not be any real-world consequences that could damage the organization or harm personal or business reputations.

According to research, 70% of what we learn is on the job, 20% is from interaction with peers, and 10% is from traditional learning modes.  Simulation training emulates the real work environment, the 70%, and involves substantial interaction with peers, the 20%.  In line with modern trends the 10% can be best delivered through self-learning e-learning or instructor-led online webinars.  For example, an introduction to should-cost analysis and could-cost analysis via e-learning or webinars, followed by a 2-day simulation event will be hugely more impactful than just learning the theory.

Learning through online courses plus simulation takes your learning strategy to the next level.  Learners build their skills faster, retain it longer and, because it’s fun too, recall the concepts readily and apply them in their job.

Are you thinking about developing a training simulation for your purchasing team?  If not, you probably should be.