ADR worked with the senior director of global procurement, to identify the needed competencies for the procurement organisation. The company was transforming from a research and development company to a biotech manufacturing company. Genentech wanted a non-confrontational tool which would assess the competencies of the team and offer personal development plans for each individual. After an extended collaborative effort, ADR adapted the DNA tool for use at this client.

The aims of the project:

  • Assess the specific competencies of all levels of the procurement organisation.
  • Develop personal development plans for procurement and company knowledge development of individuals based on level in the organisation and area of responsibility.
  • Provide development agenda outlining courses for each individual.

Competency profiles were created for 4 levels of purchasing management across 17 different areas including capital, scientific equipment, and medical affairs, among others.

Individuals assessed their own competencies; managers assessed each of the employees; and ADR assessed the individuals—all using differentiated online questionnaires. ADR facilitated the discussion between management and the employees ensuring that a mutually-agreed score was reached.

Personal development plans are in place for each individual in the procurement organisation.

Individual and group development opportunities are offered based on needs of each member and the area of development that is needed. Recruitment tool developed from DNA to pre-assess candidates, increasing the percentage of qualified candidates interviewed.



Service Area

Instructor-Led Learning E-Learning




Skills Assessment (DNA)


Personal development plans put in place DNA used as a recruitment assessment tool


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To solve this problem, ADR have created OPRA, our Online Procurement Academy that offers deep-content, interactive e-learning modules for procurement negotiation.


Our learning advisory services draw upon our extensive procurement consultancy experience and knowledge to create a tailored training solution for your organisation.