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Public Sector – Metropolitan Police smartens up procurement

Following an efficiency and effectiveness review of the procurement department which identified a number of weaknesses and improvement opportunities, a transformation programme was launched to optimise the funds and support to ‘Front-line Policing’.

ADR were selected to support the procurement programme based upon our strong and proven track record of delivering performance improvement.

ADR were required to design and implement aCategory Management Sourcing process and Toolkit to operate within the EU Public Sector Procurement Guidelines and to embed effective behaviors in procurement staff and stakeholders.

A small focus group was formed by the steering group containing individuals with good insight of the existing operating procedures. The ‘As-Is’ sourcing process time scale and dependencies were mapped and constraints identified.

A ‘To-Be’ Category Management Process was designed and challenges resulting in sourcing method approved by the steering group which was piloted and modified to reflect the learning.

The Toolkit and Development Programme was developed around a framework of follow-up practical coaching and a number of pilot categories of spend.

The Met Polices Category Owners and their customers, supported by ADR, applied the process and toolkit from start to finish and shared their experience (successes and failures) with their peers. Based upon feedback and learning from the pilots ADR designed a ‘Dashboard’ summarising the Category Management steps and strategy output templates and a framework based upon contract value which allows review and challenge of proposed sourcing strategy by procurement management.

The Metropolitan Procurement staff took ownership for delivering ‘Best Value’ to the MPS. Providing them with clarity / expectation of this role gave them a basis for constructive challenge of stakeholders in defining and addressing their business needs. This was key in changing attitudes towards contract renewal pricing, targeting and measuring savings achieved as well as managing price changes mid-contract.

In all, six pilot categories were supported by ADR, resulting in savings against previous prices paid in excess of £1 million (20%+ of influence-able spend within the categories).

The programme has proven to be very effective in achieving the aims and this was reflected in the programme receiving a coveted National Training Award.


Metropolitan Police Service (MPS)

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Six pilot categories were supported by ADR, resulting in savings against previous prices paid in excess of £1m (20%+ of influence-able spend within the categories)


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