Prudential Plc. is one of the biggest organisations in the UK financial services sector, with Scottish Amicable, M & G and Egg all part of its portfolio of companies.

ADR was invited into the Prudential Plc. by the new Head of Procurement to develop a multi-functional Source Planning programme.  Until that point, all purchasing had been undertaken at business unit level.

The immediate requirement was to recruit and develop powerful category teams for key strategic expenditures grouped under three broad headings:  IT, marketing services and print and business services and facilities.

ADR supported the design of a structure and reporting lines for the new organisation but, more importantly, devised a process for embedding the work of the new category teams and the strategic source planning process into the business.

The process involved building teams who, through a series of tailored workshops, would emulate the normal source planning process.  Using this method the teams were introduced to new tools and techniques that they used to build, review and gain agreement on the implementation of effective long-term source plans.  In parallel, other sourcing influencer workshops were developed and implemented to communicate the key concepts that were vital to the creation of a suitable environment in which the category teams could operate.

These events were supported through hands-on coaching and action learning by ADR consultants who worked with Prudential staff on specific category issues.

The obvious immediate outcome was a series of effective and agreed source plans for categories as diverse as bandwidth, disaster recovery, marketing print, market research, travel, IT contractors and temporary labour.

Less tangible, though no less real and beneficial, was the understanding gained by all in the business about the benefits and issues flowing from category management and long-term source planning.  This enabled Prudential to engage in a powerful debate on how to embed the new processes once credibility had been achieved by piloting them through the external workshop structure.


Prudential Plc.

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Building and train a new team with workshops and hands on coaching


Effective source planning and skills transfer


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